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Box artwork for Hat Trick.
Hat Trick
Developer(s)Sente, Bally Sente
Publisher(s)Sente, Bally Sente
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchHat Trick Channel
Hat Trick marquee

Hat Trick is a hockey arcade game that was released by Bally and Sente in 1984; it is the third of the original batch of eight games that ran on their SAC-I hardware and the players must utilize two 8-way joysticks to direct a blue (for 1P), or red (for 2P), hockey player around an arena (and indirectly move that matching goalie on the left or right side of the screen up and down), with a single button to make him shoot the puck if he's in possession of it. The amount of goals and saves that both of the players have made will be displayed at the top of the screen - and if there is only one player present, the red player (and goalie) will be controlled by the CPU. At the end of the game (regardless of which player has won), a man on an orange Zamboni ice re-surfacer (which is named after Frank Zamboni, 1901-1988) will drive over the pitch to remove the skate marks left behind by the players during gameplay.

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