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Hoshi wo Miru Hito
Box artwork for Hoshi wo Miru Hito.
Japanese title星をみるひと
Release date(s)
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Hoshi wo Miru Hito (星をみるひと? "Stargazers") is an RPG produced and sold exclusively in Japan for the Famicom. When the game was originally released, the suggested manufacturer's retail price was 5,300 yen ($57.29 in American dollars). The game is set in a decadent cyberpunk-style future world in which everyone has ESP. These powers can also be used by the player characters when they confront the various monsters in the game through combat. The goalof the game is to defeat villains. In order to accomplish this, the player's characters must go to the Ark City and eventually to outer space.

This game is considered extraordinarily difficult, as well as poorly constructed. A number of examples of this include:

  • Being dropped into the a new game without any explanation at all of who you are, or where to go.
  • The first town in the game is invisible, and must be stumbled upon to discover it.
  • The character's overworld screen movement is very slow, at approximately two tiles per second.
  • Leaving towns may not return you to the world map where you entered them from, but to a different location entirely.
  • The default combat selection is "ESP" (like magic), but you do not begin the game with any ESP ability.
  • The amount of hit points displayed reflects only 10% of the number of hit points you actually have.
  • Doors must be opened with key cards, and key cards are expensive. It's possible to become trapped between doors.
  • Passwords are long, but do not save the progress of all the experience levels you've accumulated.
  • Running from battle is not an innate ability, but one you must earn at a high enough level.
  • It is possible to do less damage with the first weapon, the Ray Gun, than when you are unarmed.

Despite this list of aggravations, the game has been partially fan-translated by KingMike translations, which incorporates a few improvements, and the translation patch can be found here. Another group made a fan-remake of the game (exclusively in Japanese) for Windows, re-balancing and redesigning much of the graphics, which can be found here.

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