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Item Name Location Description
Hydlide Cross.png Cross North of the maze The Cross is the easiest and first item that you will obtain. It is essential to have when you attack the Vampire. Without it, you cannot hurt him.
Hydlide Lamp.png Lamp Vampire's lair The Lamp will illuminate all of the dark caves scattered throughout Hydlide. It's not required, but it helps immensely.
Hydlide Sword.png Sword North of the Vampire This sword is far better than the one you begin the game with, and is worth the trouble to collect in order to have an extra edge against the enemies.
Hydlide Magic Pot.png Magic Pot The maze Possession of this magic pot allows you to see the cave hidden inside of the Hydlide Maze grounds. You will need it in order to collect the next item.
Hydlide Key.png Key Maze cave All of the jewelry that has been scattered throughout Hydlide lies inside locked chests. You will need to collect this key in order to obtain the chests, but can you figure out which chest the key is in?
Hydlide Jewel.png Jewel Cemetery The only piece of jewelry that is placed out in the open. You'll need the key, and a little bravery, in order to collect it.
Hydlide Shield.png Shield Left side of Armor cave Possession of the shield can improve your defense, but as much as you might hope for. You'll have to convince a Ladyam to give it up.
Hydlide Ring.png Ring Right side of Armor cave One of the pieces of jewelry has been fitted on a magic ring that has a special property. It will increase the rate at which you regenerate Hit Points. You'll need to get a Goldam to reveal it's location, and get to it without killing anyone else.
Hydlide Medicine.png Medicine Held by the Dragon This Medicine will revive your life to full health after you are killed, but only once. You'll need to defeat the Dragon in order to claim it.
Note: In the original computer version, it is hidden under the water, in a similar fashion to the Ruby.
Hydlide Ruby.png Ruby Underwater Once the switch on the hidden tombstone has been activated, and all of the water around Lake Hydlide has been drained, treasures hidden beneath the surface will be revealed, but you'll still need to search for them.


Spell Magic Description
Turn 20 When you cast turn, all of the enemies on the screen will turn 180 degrees. This otherwise useless spell can bail you out of a jam if you are surrounded by enemies and can't get away.
Fire 30 A ball of fire will escape from your hands in whichever direction you are facing. This blast will disappear as soon as it hits an enemy or an obstacle.
Ice 40 A blast of ice will shoot across the screen when you cast this spell. Unlike the fireball, it will pass through obstacles, but it will stop as soon as an enemy is hit.
Wave 50 Waves of energy are sent to the left or to the right (they cannot be fired vertically). Not only will the wave continue past obstacles, it will continue beyond any enemies that it hits.
Flash 60 Flash is the most powerful magic of all. It strikes every enemy on the screen and destroys most of them. It will drain a large portion of your magic.