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Ranx make up O-Dor's army, and come in many varieties.

Ranx are extremely dim-witted, not being capable of human speech, and only able to utter squeaks, grunts, and occasionally raucous laughter.

Apparently, they are a type of machine or cross-bred race created by O-Dor, because you can usually see them in storage tanks in his labs.

Patrol Ranx[edit]

The types of Ranx you usually see are Patrol Ranx. They are about Ninja's size, and have the same shaped heads. They carry Katana like broadswords and wear armor in different shades of color, depending on what belt level ninja is, and how hard they are to defeat.

These types of Ranx always attack head on.

Buzz-saw Ranx[edit]

often attack by ambush, these Ranx have a very long reach, about 2 times Ninja's height, and instead of wielding blades, their whole hands are powerful saws.

Ambush Ranx[edit]

They always attack from the surrounding environment, various crates, boxes, plants, and even up in trees. Though they are called by Sensai, "Masters of disguise," their ambush attempts are usually very obvious.

Stenchu Ranx[edit]

O-Dor's personal guards, unlike other Ranx, they are females, and don't carry weapons. They fight using martial arts moves against Ninja, and are extremely advanced.

They are the most difficult Ranx to defeat because they move so quickly.

They are only seen in one mission on the moon base level.


A gigantic robot, similar to Tekayama, who guards the rage stone on Robot Beach.

You battle Kyza using Tekayama (Ninja inside him, controlling his body) in an arena like part of the beach, with Tekayama's lower body in the water. To defeat him, you have to use different combinations of punches, knocking various body-parts from Kyza.

At several points in your fight, Kyza will step away, and fire missiles at you from his knuckles. These projectiles, however, hardly do any damage, and can be easily dodged or blocked.


I-Ninja's usual action-platformer gameplay is kicked to the sidelines in more than a handful of the game's sections, as certain levels require I-Ninja to use machines he finds to achieve his goals. Sometimes this is as brief and simple as hopping into a missile turret to blast open a door before hopping off for more Ninja action, but in a few instances an entire level will be devoted to an alternate form of gameplay.

Ninja's full arsenal consists of 6 blades, the fist being a regular Katana sword, the next, a heavy and powerful Gold blade, the third, a swift and light Jade sword, the fourth, a razor-sharp blue crystal blade, the second most powerful blade made of a mystical fire or magma, the last, a devastating sword built of soul destroying metal.

You can also use long distance weapons, machine-guns, missiles, tanks, turrets, mini-guns, assault cannons, sniper rifles, shurikens, darts and attack vehicles.