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You'll begin this level on the right side of the map, and as you walk left the screen will move at a fixed pace pushing you along. When the giant door is centered on the screen it will open and reveal a large blue knight. It will then move downwards towards you and then register as an active sprite (you can now attack it), also changing its color to green.

Green Warrior[edit]

Its weak points are its hands. You can attack them with very little cooldown time so take advantage of its weakness and wail on them.

Eventually the hands will blow off and the warrior will turn red.

Red Warrior[edit]

The red warrior moves back and forth, mostly towards you, and then releases two energy projectiles, one from each hand, in both directions, left and right.

Its weakness is its stomach, and when you hit it a shockwave will rock the room causing any maggots on the top shelf to fall to the ground. Make sure you're out of the way.

The best way to fight is to ignore the maggots, but if they are in your way, you'll need to take them out to avoid taking damage. Make sure you're not under them when you attack the red warrior, or at least be sure to dodge immediately after hitting him.

After about 20 hits, the red warrior's head will disintegrate and the body will fade into dust as the victory message appears.


Although you probably spent a few hours on this game, the only thing you'll be rewarded with is this measly screen. Once viewed your only choice is to reset or power off your SNES. Congratulations on your accomplishment.