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The control configuration is designed for anyone who isn't familiar with this game. So far only the GameCube version is available.

On foot[edit]

  • Neutral control: Move Bond around the area.
  • A button: Action use around doors and objects.
  • R button: Fire weapon.
  • L button: Lock on target. You can let go then hold on to the next target. You also aim with the sniper.
  • Neutral cstick: Look and aim adjustment.
  • Left dpad/Right dpad: Bond sense/inventory.
  • X button: Punch right.
  • Y button: Punch left.
  • B button: Dive roll around the area.
  • Up dpad: Next gadget.
  • Down dpad: Next weapon.
  • Z button: Wall Cover, crouch, turn around (while rappelling).
  • Up dpad/Down dpad: Sniper zoom (when looking through sniper scope).
  • Start button: Start/Pause Game.


  • R button: Accelerate.
  • L button: Brake/Reverse.
  • X button: Handbrake.
  • Left control/Right control: Steer left/right.
  • A button: Fire weapon.
  • Left dpad/Right dpad: Next weapon.
  • B button: Activate gadget.
  • Y button: Enter/exit vehicle (Only in designated areas, primary a light blue area).
  • Down cstick: Look behind the vehicle.
  • Neutral control: Move Bond outside vehicle.
  • Y button: Context sensitive action button (when outside vehicle).
  • Up control/Down control: Altitude (helicopter only).
  • R button+X button: Burnout (motorcycle only).
  • Down control: Wheelie (motorcycle only).
  • X button: 180 degree spin (rail mission only).
  • Y button: Centre turret (Non-rail tank only).
  • Up cstick/Down cstick: Raise/lower cannon (tank only).
  • Neutral cstick: Rotate cannon (tank only).
  • B button: Self destruct (RC car only).
  • Up dpad: Change camera.
  • Down dpad: Toggle HUD map.
  • Start button: Start/Pause Game.