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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Garcian's Trailerhouse[edit]

The base of operations for the Killer7, a normal-looking trailerhouse on the outskirts of Seattle. Harman has his own, small room, and there are two doors that are always kept locked. One leads to the basement, the other to the "Forbidden Room." Screams echo down the hallway.

Celtic Building[edit]

A multi-purpose building which contains a lobby, apartments, a library, laundromat, a massive garage and even a dance hall area. Was the base of operations for the criminal Red Gunners, before they were killed by the Heaven Smile, who begun to nest there.

Restaurant Fukushima[edit]

A large restaurant owned by Toru Fukushima, a member of the Japanese Yakumo political party. It is taken over by the Heaven Smile, who mutates almost everyone there.

'Kaku' Building[edit]

A base of operations for many groups of professional assassins.

Ulmeyda Intercity[edit]

Cult-leader Andrei Ulmeyda's 'ideal' city, which is overrun with Heaven Smile and near-fanatical cultists. It is the base for his 'First Life' company. It would appear he and his cult had taken over the city instead of building it, much to the chagrin of many of the townsfolk.

IZSK Land[edit]

An amusement park used by Curtis and Ayame Blackburn to lure and abduct children, which would be used in the creation of Heaven Smile. Features a large theatre area and two equally large funhouses featuring surrealistic environments.

Blackburn Residence[edit]

The home of assassin and organ dealer Curtis Blackburn. A fairly large estate with a number of high-tech security devices and secrets.

Union Hotel[edit]

The hotel the Smith Assassins stayed in long ago, before they were all killed by Emir Parkreiner. It holds the most secrets in the game.

Coburn Elementary School[edit]

Where the grand scheme of Killer7's plot, the mystery of Emir Parkreiner, takes place. The investigation of corrupted American voting is done here.

Battleship Isle[edit]

Could Hashima Island be a real place?

Vinculum Gate[edit]

The Vinculum Gate is a room where the Killer7 must face a new type of Heaven Smile before they can proceed. Some Heaven Smile make their only appearance in the game here. The room is recognizable by its distinct background music, titled "Rave On" on the Killer7 OST. Called "Hand-In Grove" in the Japanese version.


A large colliseum in an unknown location (later revealed to be Battleship Island) that contains doorways to each mission's individual Vinculum Gate. Kess BloodySunday's remnant psyche resides here.