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Box artwork for Layla.
Japanese titleレイラ
Developer(s)DB Soft
Publisher(s)DB Soft
Release date(s)
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Layla (レイラ) is a game for the Famicom released by DB Soft in 1986. Advertised as a "Maze Action Game", it is a side scrolling action game in which the player must progress through 8 asteroid fortresses, collecting items from crates, passwords, and defeating a boss before traveling on to the next asteroid. A bonus shooting round is presented to the player between each asteroid. The game was never released outside of Japan, or re-released on any system.

The fortresses are primarily composed of linear hallways separated from one another by a series of elevator shafts. At first, the fortresses are very linear, with each elevator taking you to the corresponding location that you would expect it to. Later on, the fortresses tend to get more complicated, with elevators jumping several levels, and even distances at a time. Enemies fill the hallways and can usually be shot down and transformed into life restoring food. Ultimately, Layla must rescue her companion Elise, and collect all of the password disks stolen by a malevolent doctor.

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