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Level 19[edit]

Lode Runner Arcade level19.png

Based on the 9th original level.

Level 20[edit]

Lode Runner Arcade level20.png

Based on the 50th original level.

Level 21[edit]

Lode Runner Arcade level21.png

Based on the 32nd original level.

Level 22[edit]

Lode Runner Arcade level22.png

Based on the 42nd original level.

Level 23[edit]

Lode Runner Arcade level23.png

Appears to be an original level design.

Getting to the central zone can be tricky, and has to do with the special feature of this version of Lode Runner: you can fall on the head of an enemy for extra point... and to reach the central zone (impossible on conventional Lode Runner). This confirms this level design is original to this version.

Level 24[edit]

Lode Runner Arcade level24.png

Appears to be an original level design.