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Control Description
L Button When you want to scroll through lists of items, weapons, spells, etc., push the L Button.
R Button As with the L Button, press R to move around the various lists that are available to you.
Y Button On this quest, you will have no reason to use the Y Button.
X Button To read descriptions of spells when looking at a list, use the Control Pad to move the cursor to an item. Push X.
B Button To see the Party Status, press the B Button. Push B again to return to seeing the Overview.
A Button Press the A Button to perform many actions, including conversation, buying, selling, trading, and fighting.
Neutral Dpad You must push the Control Pad to move around. In windows, move the cursor with the Control Pad.
Select Button The Select Button serves no purpose in this quest.
Start Button Push Start to begin the game.