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Robot master Weapon Trajectory Effect Buttons Effective
Mega Man Mega Buster (straight) charge up press and hold B button (none)
Toad Man Rain Flush full screen - - Bright Man
Bright Man Flash Stopper full screen stuns enemies - Pharaoh Man
Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Shot multi-directional charge up press and hold B button
press Up dpad/Down dpad + B button
Ring Man
Ring Man Ring Boomerang boomerang - - Dust Man
Dust Man Dust Crusher straight & split - - Skull Man
Skull Man Skull Barrier barrier - - Dive Man
Dive Man Dive Missile homing - - Drill Man
Drill Man Drill Bomb straight & blast destroys walls press B button twice Toad Man


  1. Rain Flush: not too powerful, but it does harm every vulnerable enemy on screen.
  2. Flash Stopper: freezes all enemies on the screen, allowing you to blast them with your arm cannon for the short period they are immobilized; doesn't work on bosses (with one exception).
  3. Pharaoh Shot: shoots a small fireball, but can be charged up like your Arm Cannon to enormous size, vastly increasing its power.
  4. Ring Boomerang: powerful, but lacks range.
  5. Dust Crusher: useful at a distance, and stronger than your regular cannon.
  6. Skull Barrier: protects you from weaker enemy attacks, and works as a weapon when you walk into a vulnerable foe.
  7. Dive Missile: very useful since they track down the enemy, so you don't have to aim.
  8. Drill Bomb: fires an exploding drill-like projectile straight ahead; can be detonated early with the attack buttom.

Adapters and items[edit]

Rush Coil: You start the game with this. Identical to its incarnation in the previous game. Jump on Rush's back and a springboard emerges, allowing you to reach new heights with your jump.

Rush Marine: Get from Toad Man. Again, just like its previous incarnation. Can only be used underwater, in two stages only: Dive Man's and the first Skull Fortress stage.

Rush Jet: Get from Drill Man. Unfortunately, it has gotten a massive downgrade from the previous game, and Rush automatically goes in one direction when you board, rather than you having precision control over him. Still he can be useful in a number of situations.

Wire Adapter: Found in the Dive Man stage. By looking up, Mega Man can fire a grappling hook to pull himself to heights even greater than those reachable with the Rush Coil.

Balloon Adapter: Found in Pharaoh Man stage. Mega Man creates inflated platforms that can be used to reach new heights. Very useful in situations when you might need more than one jump or foot hold to clear an obstacle.