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Control Action
Neutral cpad
  • Move
Neutral dpad/Neutral cpadPro
  • Move camera
A button
  • Interact
  • Talk
  • Pick up items
  • Climb walls
  • (With weapon drawn) Attack
B button
  • Crouch
  • (While running/with weapon drawn) Evade
X button
  • Draw weapon
  • (With weapon drawn) Attack
Y button
  • Use item
  • (With weapon drawn) Sheathe weapon
L button
  • Reset camera
  • (With Target Cam) Focus on monster
L button+Y button/A button
  • Select item
L button+X button/B button
  • Select ammo
R button
  • Sprint
  • (With weapon drawn) Weapon-specific action
Select button/Start button
  • Open/close menu
  • Can be switched to perform special attacks