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When you start out, it will ask you to name the island. Type in what you want the island to be called. Design your character. Then, the game will go through a little scene. You will walk into the town hall and talk to Ellen and the king. Name your Sim. The scene will finish. Walk over to Ellen and start a conversation by pressing A button or tapping on her. You will find that she has lost your key. She will send you to Dr. F. He is in the building immediately to the left. Walk in and a conversation will start between you and Dr. F. He will press some buttons and give you an extractor. Leave the lab. Walk over to an object and press R button. You will pull out the extractor. Press A button. Look on the top screen and one of the pictures will have a number beside it. You have just collected an essence! Go over to other objects and try to get as many different kinds of essences that you can. Press R button again and put the extractor away once you have two essences. Go back to Dr. Fs lab. Another scene will start. You then give him the extractor and he will mess up. Ellen will then come in. She will give you your key. Leave the lab and you will find that it is night. Go to your house. It is the white house with a red roof. Walk in and press the drawers on the lower left corner. You only start out with a red closet and a red bed. Place them around according to your own tastes. Walk over to the bed and press A button twice, because here, you only have one sleep option. Once you are asleep, a scene will start outside.

The next morning[edit]

You wake up and Ellen informs you that all the town decorations have been taken. Go see Dr.F again. Again, a scene will start and the extractor will be fixed. You acquire the synthotron. It will appear on the screen and you take your two essences and drag them into the machine. press auto synthesis or manual synthesis. In auto synthesis, the machine will control what object is made. In Manual synthesis, you drag the stylus from one arrow to the other vertically or horizontally. You will be somewhat able to control what object you get. When you're done, Dr. F gives you an extractor. Finish the scene and leave. Now, you can either collect essences or explore. If you chose to make objects, you can pull out the synthotron by pressing the circles in the bottom right corner. There are over 300 different things you can make! Sometimes you will make the same thing, but by the end of the game, you'll hopefully get everything made.

Fixing the compass[edit]

Next, find a place in the town for the item from the synthotron. Then, go to the bottom of the screen and you will see a guy lying on the grass. Go to Ellen and talk to her. She will say that you need to find a way to get to the other side of the lake. Go up to the guy at the bottom of the page and press A button. He will get up. He will say a couple of things, and you'll have to take his compass and get it fixed by Dr. F. After talking to him, you will need two other things.

For the first thing see the furniture boy, Roy. Cheer him up and he will give you the first item.

Go really far to the right outside, and you'll come to a dark green colored grass. Walk across it. Go to a girl in a pink house that is really far to the right. She has blue pig tails. Talk to her and play a game with her. She'll give you the second thing you need. Then take it over to Dr. F. Get the compass fixed and give it to Richard, the guy who gave you the compass. He'll know his way around, so he'll take you back and forth across the lake whenever you want!

Helping Emily[edit]

There will be new people over there. Talk to one girl to the left of you when you first get off the boat. You'll have to walk a little bit, because she won't be standing right there. The girl will be wearing a winter outfit. She'll say to go to the gondola. Then she'll leave. Go back across the lake and go past the dark green again. Go as far right as you can until you reach a mountain. Then walk up. Talk to Emily, the winter girl, and she'll tell you that the gondola is gone! You go talk to Ellen, the mayor, and you'll tell her everything. She'll say it needs to be fixed. Go talk to Dr. F. He'll give you something.

You'll have to go across the river and go as far left as you can. There might be a dark green spot. Go passed it, and keep going really far left. Then go down, and you'll come up to a brown house. Go inside it and talk to the guy. He'll complain. Give him the gift, which is the stuff Dr. F. gave you, and you can make things. Go back to Dr. F. across the river and talk to him. He'll say he needs it to be fixed. You'll need to get plans. Then Dr. F. will tell you to go to where the gondola was, (where Emily is) and he'll meet you up there when the time is right. It will be a lot of days. You can leave when you want, because Dr. F. still needs Torajiro's help (the guy who you gave the gift to).