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After creating your sim and naming your town the ferry will arrive at your destination. After getting off the boat, you will see a short cutscene of your sim chasing a strange sim into town. After tiring out your sim will enter the town hall. Talk to the mayor and she will tell you to look for her grandson Tim, who can be found at the racquetball court. Head outside and the game will tell you to use your map to find him. When you get to the court you will see the strange sim from earlier. Talk to him and he will introduce himself as Tim. Converse with him to convince him that his grandmother is worried about him and that he should head home.

Now head back to the town hall where the mayor will thank you and introduce herself as Helen. She will then ask you to enter your name on a residency form. After taking this opportunity to name your sim, you will then be asked to introduce yourself to Tyler the tailor and Ewan the police officer. It does not matter which you do first, but either way you will have to converse with them to cheer them up just like you did with Tim. Once you have introduced yourself to the two of them head back to the town hall again.

There Helen will inform you that the town used to be a thriving resort, but is now desolate with most of the sims having moved away. Ashley will then enter and explain that she moved into town in response to a help-wanted ad and that she will be taking over the flower shop. Go outside and talk to Ashley. She will ask that you plant flowers all over town. Speak to her again after all the flowers have been planted and she will thank you for your efforts. You will then be paid 200 simoleons and the town will reach Star Level 1. Go and talk to Helen again and she will tell you to go sleep in your house.

Your house can be found to the east of town. Once you are inside your house you can place your bed. After the bed has been placed walk up to it and select 'nap'.