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Box artwork for n+.
Developer(s)Slick Entertainment
Publisher(s)Metanet Software
Year released2008
System(s)Xbox 360
Preceded byn
Followed byn++
Designer(s)Raigan Burns, Mare Sheppard
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Developer(s)SilverBirch Studios
Year released2008
System(s)PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone
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In a futuristic world of inadvertently homicidal robots, a daring ninja must use deft acrobatic skill and guts of steel to survive. n+ is a peerless action-puzzle platformer with more than 300 levels in which to hone your ninja reflexes, plus a built-in level editor for when you're hungry for more. n+ also features unique, physics-based controls, stylish graphics, unlimited lives, competitive and cooperative multiplayer, plenty of gold, and several flavors of sweet, sweet action. Running, jumping, and dying in an unpleasant-yet-comical manner has never been more fun!

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