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Pachiokun 2
Box artwork for Pachiokun 2.
Publisher(s)Coconuts Japan
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Board game
ModesSingle player
Preceded byMezase Pachi Pro: Pachiokun
Followed byPachiokun 3
TwitchPachiokun 2 Channel

Pachiokun 2 (パチ夫くん2?) is a pachinko simulation game developed for the Famicom by C-Dream, and published in early 1989 by Coconuts Japan. It is the sequel to Pachiokun. As with the first game, the goal is to help a sentient pachinko ball named Pachio-kun bankrupt a series of pachinko parlors and liberate all his miniature brethren from their flashy mechanical jails. The game introduces Pachio-kun's wife. While playing on specific pachinko machines, players can examine not only the pin layouts throughout the board, but also the direction in which particular pins are bent, which directly impacts the direction in which the pachinko balls bounce.

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