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Panic Park
Box artwork for Panic Park.
Japanese titleパニックパーク
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchPanic Park Channel

Panic Park marquee

Panic Park is a party arcade game which was released by Namco, in 1997; it runs on that company's System 23 hardware and the players must use two handles (red for 1P, blue for 2P) to take control of two rollerskaters in a series of randomly-generated minigames (if only one player is playing, the other handle can get locked at the inactive side of the cabinet). Because both handles share the same slot, a two-player game encourages both players to knock into the other player's handle and force them to crash - and the game shall also adjust its difficulty level (depending on the players' current skill level).

The game features two modes: Interactive Story mode, which can be played by one or two players, and shall see them trying to complete several randomly-generated challenges which are determined by what the arcade operator has set the difficulty level in the game's options menu to; if either player successfully completes a challenge they will receive a "Success Medal", and the player who has the most "Success Medals" after six challenges shall be the winner. Panic King mode, however, is only for one player, and shall see him or her trying to complete a singular randomly-generated challenge which changes every month (and its difficulty will be even harder than that of "Story" mode on "Very Hard") - and although it gives the player an infinite amount of time until he or she fails, they will only have two attempts (and their highest-scoring one shall get entered into a monthly high-score table).

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