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Pocket Tanks (Deluxe)
Box artwork for Pocket Tanks (Deluxe).
Developer(s)Blitwise Productions
Publisher(s)Blitwise Productions
Release date(s)
Globe.svg July 262002 (2)
Globe.svg March 172003 (3)
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Pocket Tanks is a turn-based strategic artillery, scorched-earth type game. Players alternately fire wacky weapons at each other hoping to hit the other and gain points. The game has a ten minute learning curve and has room for tons of strategy. There is a free demo version with 30 weapons, a deluxe version with 60 weapons ($15.99) and 18 expansion packs make it possible to have 230 different weapons(5-weapon expansions are free, but 15-weapon expansions are $7.99 each). The game is available here.

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