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Reset the Game[edit]

To reset in-game, press A button+B button+Start button+Select button.

Easy Catch[edit]

On the Sapphire field, let the ball fall into the Saver when you are given the chance to hit at the Pokémon. When you release the ball it will hit the Pokémon twice. On the Ruby field, in Evolution mode, if the icon is in the coin loop or is up the top let the ball drop into the Saver and then release the ball. If the icon is in the coin loop, use the bumpers to make it fall. If it is in the top, release the ball but avoid bumping it.

Encountering Jirachi[edit]

Jirachi appears after 6 travel modes where you first started. You will be in an area where you can catch the 3 Regis, the slot machine will have a Jirachi arrival slot, get it and you can catch Jirachi with a time limit of 30 seconds, it is big so you will have no problem catching it.

Poké Ball Upgrade[edit]

First, hit Chikorita. Second, Make your Poké Ball go thru the loop so that Makuhita can punch the ball. Lastly, see that the ball will hit Nuzleaf, repeat this thrice to get a Poké Ball upgrade. If you do this continuously, there may be a 1up for you sometimes for an extra Poké Ball.

Latias and Latios[edit]

On Ruby Board, there is a 1% chance of Latios appearing on the Catch-em mode instead of a normal Pokémon. On Sapphire Board, there is a 1% chance of Latias appearing.