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The 1 Player Mode features:

  • Marathon - Play until your stack hits the top. Try to earn all the endings. Here you select the difficulty, the block's speed and the Pokémon you play with.
  • Challenge - Battle Gym Leaders. Use combos and chains to attack opponents. Blocks help too and Block combos power up attacks. Here a list of all Gym Leaders and Elite Four trainers battleable:
    • Falkner and his Pidgey
    • Bugsy and his Kakuna
    • Whitney and her Clefairy
    • Morty and his Gastly
    • Jasmine and her Steelix
    • Chuck and his Primeape
    • Pryce and his Seel
    • Clair and her Dragonair
    • Will and his Jynx
    • Koga and his Crobat
    • Bruno and his Hitmontop
    • Karen and her Murkrow
    • Lance and his Dragonite.
  • Time Zone - Try to get a high score in a limited amount of time. Get chains and combos for maximum points.
  • Line Clear - Clear all stages. There are 6 rounds, each with 5 stages (including a Bonus Stage). After beating all 30 stages, a battle awaits. This mode also features the Johto Gym Leaders.
  • Puzzles - Divided in rounds and stages, the goal is to clear the block setup in a limited amount of moves (usually 1 to 5).
  • Garbage - Same as Marathon, with two differences: Garbage Blocks of varying sizes fall down randomly from the top. The number and type of blocks depends on the Garbage Level, which constantly rises. Also, the scroll speed never changes.