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SNES version[edit]

This version is a bit trickier than the one in the computer game, since the two ladders in that one have been combined into one here, and placed at the far left. Anyway, pick up the farthest(on both the left and right) Normal dominoes on the bottom floor one at a time, and put them next to the one that's already there at the top. Then, push that chain from the left or the right, making sure it doesn't block the door, that all three dominoes topple, and that none fall off onto the Splitter. Now, go down and pick up the Normal to the right of the Trigger, climb up the ladder, and drop it onto the Splitter. Quickly throw yourself off the right side of the middle platform, and pick up the Stopper after the Normal from the edge of the middle platform bounces off it. Move it to the far left of the platform (the Delays should give you ample time) so that the final Delay bounces off of it and makes the other chain topple the Trigger. The door should open after this, so climb up and leave. (Also, for some reason, making the first chain on the top fall onto the Splitter (With the modification of putting the Normal that was to the right of the Trigger into that chain) and then doing the Stopper transfer doesn't seem to count. It might be a glitch, I wouldn't be shocked.)