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Ability Description
AECM Missiles Makes your missiles harder to intercept, but also lowers their damage.
Anti-Phase Emitter Removes you for one turn from this dimensional realm avoiding any damage.
Battle Droids Adds two battle drones to your boarding party.
Drop All Missiles Drops all missiles to increase speed and get a +1 AP Bonus.
Energy Boost Decreases your AP by 2, but regenerates your shields every turn.
Energy Shifting Gives you +2 AP every turn, but decreases your shields.
Energy Transmitter Gun damage is doubled, but your accuracy is reduced.
Evasion Computer Makes you and your enemy more difficult to hit.
Extended Sensors Decreases the chance of hostile encounters during traveling.
Fast Missile Racks You will need -1 AP for firing a missile, but the missile damage is decreased.
Gun Volley You will need +1 AP for firing guns, but the gun damage is increased by 50%.
Hidden Cargo Bay Reduces the chance of being caught smuggling contraband.
ShieldPlus Device Regenerates 5% of maximum shield each turn, but cannot fire your guns.
Twin Guns Ability to fire built-in turbo lasers instead of your standard guns.