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There are 6 types of Extreme Gear (for characters' default gear, see Characters.):

  • Board Style: Standard riding gear. Stays the same when Grind Parts are activated.
    • Chaos Emerald: Exclusive to Sonic. Uses Super Transformation while riding Blue Star. After getting 60 rings and hitting top speed, Super Sonic performs as if he were riding a power type gear.
    • Crazy Taxi: Uses rings instead of gravity.
    • Rainbow: Has infinite gear changes that give the character all ability types.
  • Skate Style: Gives the character speed type abilities (grinding) and handle easier. Most effective with speed type characters.
    • Cover S: Offsets speed type characters' weaknesses with improved endurance and acceleration.
  • Bike Style: Able to smash through obstacles and have better endurance. Most effective with power type characters.
    • Hang-On: The background music has the tune of the video game. When you collect 100 ring, the Hang-On turns into the Super Hang-On with different music and a new gear.
  • Wheel Style: Able to smash through obstacles and can do drift turns.
    • Big Bang: Gives half GP when performing tricks, but when the GP Gauge is full, the character enters attack mode.
  • Air Ride Style: Flying gear. Can take off from catapults and glide through the air. Most effective with flight type characters.
    • Angel Whisperer/Devil Whisperer: Has only one gear change, Angel/Devil. It spins when you get enough rings to access the change. The Angel gives you good luck and the Demon gives you bad luck.
  • Yacht Style: Flies and drafts opponents.
    • Magic Broom: Allows you to distract opponents.