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  • Signature move: Sonic Boom

Sonic's signature move lets him go at full speed and destroy enemies and objects on the path. But watch out, because if you run into a wall, the move won't be helpful. Perfect for races against friends on multiplayer.


  • Signature move: Knuckle Slam

Creates a protection around Knuckles that destroys everything in its range. Pretty helpful if you can't focus on enemies and objects during a race.


  • Signature move: Chaos Control. Slows the foe down. It's very helpful if you are at 2nd place during a race and makes things less difficult if you're at 1st place.


  • Signature move: ESP

The controls of the rival get modified during the time of the move, but it's not very helpful against CPU, because they stand still until the effects disappear. Watch out if you're racing against Silver, though.

Metal Sonic[edit]

  • Signature move: Copy Cat. Allows Metal Sonic to copy the rival's signature move. It's very helpful with almost every character (except Tails, if you're not seaching shortcuts).


  • Signature move: Tail Copter

Tails uses his two tails to fly in high places. Very helpful if you are a shortcut user. The power lasts until the ring meter is out. When this happens, Tails descends slowly to the surface, the only disadvantage.


  • Signature move: Chroma Camo

The more you press the square bottom, the more Espio will use his chameleon powers to become invisible to the other rival. It's suggested for very expert players, because it's not very easy to go full camo.


  • Signature move: Bat Guard. Creates a bat barrier made of three bats and can be fired at the foe as homing projectiles. It's only helpful if you want to slow down your rival when you're at 2nd place.