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Merchant trading screen

In the game, most of the money is made through purchase and sale of commodities.

The interface is simple, but there are two things to look at. In general, look for stars on the commodity line, to indicate a great deal. Next, look on the right at the percentage. A low percentage indicates a great deal, with 0% being equal to the normally cheapest price, and 100% being the most expensive it can normally get. There are also events from time to time that make significant price adjustments as well.

Chapter walkthrough[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

You first need to find a ship. Look for Peter Mikhail on the second level, who asks you to find 5 boxes of hydraulic fluid. Five of the eight boxes in the level may be found:

  1. Corner, to the far left of where greeter box is found.
  2. Under the stairs of the bar
  3. Second floor, on roof above greeter bot.
  4. Second floor, far left, in alcove.
  5. Second floor, on a sign.

Once you help him, look for Dex Renor on the first floor, in the building to the right of the bar. He transports you to the moon, where you perform a bounty mission.

Chapter 2[edit]


  • Travel between Earth and Moon. You need to obtain $1500000.
  • Defeat Krugger.

To complete the sidequests cleanly, you should carry 8 energy cells, and 5 platinum.


  • Robot underground: Ask Greeterbot about the news, and obtain 1 unit of Oil for Greeterbot. He will tell you about the resistance, where you can get a mission to obtain 8 energy cells (from the moon). Reward: $250000
  • Graham Stowgrat: Look for him on the moon, and speak with him. Find Sarah Linkha, who will give you a bounty mission. Reward: 10 Q-N Components, and you can purchase things from Graham.
  • Beth Braskey: Look for her on the moon. She asks to defeat Orel Krondo. His men frequent a cafe on Earth. You can optionally head to Earth, and spend $10000 to make Krondo easier to defeat. Return to Beth, and you will receive 15 cargo slots (which you should turn in after buying the maximum amount from the mechanic.)
  • Routh Assad: Look for him on the moon. He requests 5 platinum, available only on Earth. Reward: 5 dark matter.

To defeat Krugger, you will need to speak with the given contact on the moon. You can attack him in a combat mission, or try a diplomatic approach (to complete the diplomatic option, tell him to pay the money and leave - avoid the option for paying interest.)

Once you have the $1.5 million, you can complete the chapter.

Chapter 3[edit]

There are three factions that you can work with. While you can obtain the first mission from each one, completing it will lock you out of the other two.

Side Quests:

  • Gorden Yex (Earth): He is located on the first floor outside, against a wall. He brings you to Terra Yex, who asks to taint the water supply with 60 Shara pods. This will spike the price of purified water. Alternatively, you can turn them in to the Ministry of Accountants for $150000.
  • Charles Dekord (Mars): Find 7 passengers to Jupiter. In Marsm, two adventure brothers on the upper floor. On Venus, Two entrepreneurs in the bar. On earth, there's two bored people in the stairwell.
  • Roger Leiss (Mars): Before starting the quest, you should have 1 unit of morphine. Enter, speak with the manager and the other person given in the contact list. Return with the code 5-2-6-4. When asked for something in the gas, you can choose between Morphine, Shara Pods, or ZX Dust, but this subquest will block if you don't have those items. Morphine gives the best result. If you give the incorrect code, you have to perform combat against the convicts.
  • Jara Lenn (Venus): Robot hostages. Talk to the door bot to get access. On the left corridor, look for a key card behind crates at the final turn. Enter the center room and learn about an override code. In the right corridor, you can get the Override code from Eric Tomes. Return tot he main area, and use the override code given. Reward: You can get Energy Cells, each time you visit Venus.
  • Dex Renor (Earth): He tells you the mission on the first return to Earth. Break into the Ministry of Accounts Record Room on Venus; look for a contact Eric Dans. Get 50 Energy Cells before starting the quest to minimize time (if you completed one faction quest, you must leave the planet first). Eric Dans is in the same room as the Contrabot. Obtain the files and decryption key, and return them to Dex Ranor for ~$3 million.

Ultimately, you want to break free of Sally. There are three possible main quest chains that can be used. Those three are mutually exclusive. It is not possible to pay Sally off, you must continue with one of the three other factions.

Argent Conglomerate
  1. Aun Argent (Merchant, Earth): hand a package to Ministry of Accounts., located on Mars.
    • He is located on the upper floor, in the same room as Dorai.
  2. Look for Gil Tartui on Venus. You will need to offer $150000 to have him move to Earth.
  3. Corporal Threed with Ministry of Accounts is causing problems. Speak with the assistant to do a combat mission.
  4. Send a peace offering to Vide Admiral Ganth onto the Representation (Venus). You can reach that ship by speaking with the officer near the entrance. (Bring along 25 morphine for a mini side quest).
Falkos Trading Company
  • Jenn Falkos (Venus): Ask for commodity sample from Ricky Bates (Mars) and Adrian Oram (Earth)
    • Deliver a package to head auditor
Faz Galactic
  • Mirela Fax (Mars; Faz Galactic): Wants to deliver 45 Ketralite to Dan Howle on Venus.

Chapter 5[edit]

  • You need to become a master trader. You need at least 1 contact for every major location, as well as hiring a business manager and a headquarters.
  • Ministry of Accounts is on Ganymede and Europa.

Ganymede is closed until you can enable trading. Sepak with the people, and determine then with Auditor Horus. You need $1 million, but he only accepts it if you have less then 1.5 million and only did the offer then. After paying this, you can access the other traders, and upon return to Europa (even from taking a job at the bartender), gain a lease of the nearby office. (Lie to get the best price).

MoA Flagship: You need to spend $100000 to access Europa.

Lieutenant Dan gets "kidnapped" on Europa after 5 travels. Trading there gets locked down. Look for Snitch, for a combat mission against Dett. Alternatively, head to Io, and locate Lieutenant Dan in a large room accessed by a secret door under some stairs.

Business network
  • An office in Ganymede will be available for 2 million, if you dispose the MoA. You can lie to reduce the price to $1.25 million.
  • Ryan from Io will be a business manager after disposing the thugs. Return to Ganymede.
  • When you complete the network, you will gain about $5 million on each visit when you speak with a trader. However, you need $1 million to recruit the trader.
  • XK-CD is found in the first location. He gives a $400000 bounty for a combat mission.
  • XK-CD then asks you to obtain 10 electronics to assist a broken robot. You will receive some gems in exchange.
  • Europa, water plant: Get 15 staple foods, Either 2 Gems or 20 Silver. In the final step, get 50 Bananabis (for $300000), 30 Organs (for $600000) or 20 Stem Cells (for $900000)