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Stage 1 boss[edit]

While Mysterio hides himself in his little box, he can still create images of himself to attack. Since there are three floating balls, you need to deplete three health bars from that enemy.

The enemy images follows a simple pattern. First, the image appears as a blue flame that moves across the ground, which should be jumped over. When it reforms in the corner, it will attack. It will either be a floor spark if you are on the ground, or a direct attack otherwise. It will be vulnerable to attack for a few seconds before returning to the small blue flame.

When it is on the left, it is easy to jump over the blue flame, then attack once. The enemy is slightly harder to reach on the right, but you can grab onto the wall, and release when he throws his orb before attacking.

Stage 2 boss[edit]

Sandman is vulnerable when standing still. Use this opportunity to make one attack, before jumping away.

He will use three different attacks

  1. If you are close, he will hammer you. This is dangerous if you got cornered, but you can still jump out before you take too much damage.
  2. He will create a shield, and charge. The charge is usually followed by the hammer attack.
  3. He will extend one of his arms into the ground, and attack from below. Dodged by jumping.

Stage 3 boss[edit]

Vulture is one of the easier bosses in the game. He is only vulnerable when standing at the right corner. After you make the attack, he will start three bombing runs.

The attacks are simple bombing attacks, starting from the left, then from the right, and again from the left. Each time he lifts off, run to the left to avoid the bombs, and head to the right before the second. Overall, the boss fight only requires running left or right.

Stage 4 boss[edit]

Scorpion can make two attacks. After posing menacingly, he will leap forward and attack with the tail.

To defeat him, crawl and approach until you can make your attacks. After he leaps and lands, you can attack again. While crawling, he can only damage you if you dodge into his attacks.

Stage 5 boss[edit]

Kraven the Hunter has two attacks. First, he will charge from corner to corner.

After the charge, he will throw three knives. The first is horizontal, and the other two complete an upward arc. He is vulnerable after the charge, and it is possible to interrupt the first thrown knife if you attack at the right time.

Stage 6 boss[edit]

Doc Ock is the final opponent. He will remain in the middle row of the room, requiring you to perform jump attacks. He is also dangerous on contact, even if you do land a hit against him.

First, wait for him to move to the left. When he does, make a jump attack, then run underneath him until you are just right of his starting position. When he moves back to the right, repeat the jump attack before running to the left.

Your actions should be perfect. If you miss your attack, Doc will swing his lower tentacles at you. If you are too slow during movement, his lower tentacles will attack as he shifts to the left or right.