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Making money[edit]

Dark Dungeons

The easiest way to make money is to DG. These are galaxies found inside other galaxies. Each DG has anywhere from four to 400 sub-galaxies in i,t and each contain AI. The AI will drop nueronistic keys, which will allow you to go farther into the DG. You need half the number of AI in the DG's keys to access the next level. At the end of a DG there will be a DG boss. These bosses are the diffrent type of AI in that DG and contain rare items and a large sum of money.

Trade routes

Once you get the skill Remote Control, you can use trading slaves. After you make your slave, set its orders to buy a commodity and then sell it at a different station. Note that the prices change all the time and your slaves will keep working even after you log out. Your slaves will need credits to continue working.


When you get a rare item or need one, you can go to trade chat and type in what you need. For instance, to buy you might type buying hydroponics and to sell, you might say selling hydroponics 350m. Note that prices will change over time for the current supply and demand of players.

AI killing

The least effective way is to just go and kill AI for the tiny amount of credits they give. However, you might get some rare items along the way.