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Stun Baton[edit]

Primary Fire: close combat punch Secondary Fire: Same close combat weapon that has unlimited ammo. Eventually gets replaced with the lightsaber. Like the other weapons, any enemies down by this weapon stay down.


Primary Fire: saber slash Secondary Fire: ranged throw Bladed close combat weapon, which can also be thrown for long range. Katarn gets his lightsaber during a test at the jedi temple. Once Kyle has it, it becomes a permanent addition to his arsenal.

Bryar Pistol[edit]

Acts as a basic pistol. Good for far combat but not good for close combat. The secondary fire charges up the shot.

E-11 blaster rifle[edit]

Weapon used by Stormtroopers, and can be found regularly on downed Stormtroopers. Secondary fire is rapid fire. Like the Bryar Pistol.

Thermal Detonator[edit]

Acts as grenades. Secondary fire lobs the grenade which explodes on contact. The Primary fire enables the grenade to explode after a delay unless it hits an enemy, if it does, it will explode.

DXR-6 disruptor rifle[edit]

Acts as a sniper rifle.

Trip Mine[edit]

Acts as proximity mines.

Ion Carbine[edit]

Short for Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 ion carbine)

Det Pack[edit]

small explosive with a remote detonator that can be triggered by the user.

PLX-2M portable missile launcher[edit]

Missile launcher