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AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) is a semi-automated program for performing repetitive tasks. For more information see Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser. It is recommended that users running AWB visit Discord for discussion.

Find and replace suggestions[edit]

AutoWikiBrowser allows for automated search-and-replace. Here are some suggested replacements to add to its list.

replace this with this
{{Header_Nav {{Header Nav
{{Footer_Nav {{Footer Nav
{{infobox {{Infobox
|releasedates= |released=
|categories= |genre=
|ratings=N/A |ratings=
|ratings=ESRB: N/A |ratings=
|url= |website=
width: width:
float: float:
; width ;width
; float ;float
width:34% width:33%
width: 34% width: 33%
Pokemon Pokémon
Image:Pokémon File:Pokemon
wikipedia Wikipedia
<br clear="both" /> {{-}}
<br clear="both"/> {{-}}
<br clear="all" /> {{-}}
<br clear="all"/> {{-}}
<strong> '''
</strong> '''
= (.*) = =$1=
= (.*)= =$1=
=(.*) = =$1=