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Featured guides on StrategyWiki are the best of the best. These guides will not only be able to walk you through the game, but provide information so complete that there really isn't anything content-wise that can be improved upon on a major scale. If you feel that a guide deserves to be featured on the front page, please follow the nomination process outlined below.

Nominating a Guide


Before nominating a guide, make sure that it meets all of the following criteria. If it does not, the nomination will not succeed no matter how good the guide is.

In order to be eligible for nomination, a guide must:

  • Be at completion stage 4 and have all the features of guide at completion stage 4
  • Contain no drivel
  • Make good use of images
  • Be easy to follow and understand
  • Have very few spelling/grammatical errors
  • Contain no red links

Optional criteria that will help a guide succeed are outlined below:

  • The pages are laid out so that different browsers do not have issues with it
  • The pages are laid out so that it presents its content in a clear, easy to read manner no matter what resolution it is viewed in


To nominate a guide for featured status, copy and paste the following code into the bottom of StrategyWiki:Featured guides/Current requests and fill out the missing info:

==[[Name of Guide]]==
|title= <!-- Name of Nominated Guide (remove this comment before saving) -->
|supnum=1 <!-- Don't forget to add 1 to this if you SUPPORT -->
|oppnum=0 <!-- Don't forget to add 1 to this if you OPPOSE -->
|undnum=0 <!-- Don't forget to add 1 to this if you are UNDECIDED -->
# <!-- Put reason for your nomination here (remove this comment before saving) --> --~~~~
<!-- Put your name below if you support, don't forget to sign -->

<!-- Put your name below if you oppose, don't forget to sign -->

<!-- Put your name below if you are currently undecided, don't forget to sign -->

<!-- Put general comments below, don't forget to sign -->


The Decision Process

Decision on whether a guide will be featured or not is based off of consensus. Therefore, even a guide that has more opposing votes than supporting votes may be featured if there is a large enough consensus to do so. The purpose of the vote count is to let people know at a glance how the nomination is doing. Nominations may end early if there are enough supporting or opposing votes, however.

The nomination will not end until it is deemed as successful or unsuccessful based off of the consensus. Please do not move or remove any candidacies if you are not a Sysop, doing so may result in a temporary block.

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