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Table Testing[edit]

The 900
Name Command Points
540 Board Varial Left dpad Left dpad + Square button 2000
360 Flip to Mute Down dpad Right dpad + Square button 1500
Kickflip McTwist Right dpad Right dpad + Circle button 4000
The 900 Right dpad Down dpad + Circle button 8000



This template is used for articles about video games relevant to DK.


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Test test test test test test test. Test test test test test test test.
Aaaaa, aaaa. Abcdef ghij klmno SMetroidMissileTankIcon.png Missile Tank aaaaaa.
Test test test test test test test.

guide completion[edit]

System Total Present # Present % Missing Complete # Complete %
Atari 8-bit 126 135 107.1%
63 50%


Click Bowser's keep to move on! Yeah!

Franchises by Namco[edit]