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The Summoner savegame file is a whopping 265KiB (270,755 bytes). With such a small size it is terribly easy to pinpoint several key locations to cheat by editing.

Now, get your standard Hex editor and get to work. Here are the addresses and what they do.

File: Summoner\savegame\sumoner?.sav (quicksave.sav) — 265KiB

Offset Property Notes
000150ED Gold It's beside the letters INVT
000277E3 Joseph's level
000277E5 Joseph's XP
0002781F Joseph's skill points
0002796B Flece's level
0002796D Flece's XP
000279A7 Flece's skill points
00027AF3 Rosalind's level
00027AF5 Rosalind's XP
00027B2F Rosalind's skill points
00027C7B Jekhar's level
00027C7D Jekhar's XP
00027CB7 Jekhar's skill points

This should get you up and going make you as rich as you need to be. Very useful for buying the Dreadblade from the merchant in the hills in Medeva! By editing the skill points attribute, you can give yourself as many free skill points as you need. By changing the XP, you can go to any level you want.

By changing your level back to 1, but keeping your current XP level, you will level up to your previous level instantly, gaining that much HP, AP, and Skill Points. Great trick! Only drawback is that you lose all skills you're not supposed to have at that level. The main use of this option really is to pump up your HP and AP.