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The following is a list of enemy characters in Super C, organized primarily by order of appearance. Names are taken from the instruction manuals from the American version of the game's manual, with additional names from the Japanese (Super Contra) and European (Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces) versions of the manual. Names in quotation marks are unofficial names or translations that are used in the absent of official names.

Area 1[edit]

Aliens in Sergeant Skin's Clothing[edit]

"Machine Gun Soldier"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Machine Gun Soldier (マシンガン兵 Mashingan Hei?)
  • European name: Machine Gun Soldier

"Great Helicopter"[edit]

Area 2[edit]

"Magnetic Powered Heavily Armored Vehicle Magnus"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Magnetic Powered Heavily Armored Vehicle Magnus (磁力重装甲車マグナス Jiryoku Juu Soukousha Magunasu?)
  • European name: Magnus the Magnetic-powered tank

Area 3[edit]

Babalu Destructoid Mechanism[edit]

  • Japanese name: Six Cannoned Assault Mobile Spider (烈撃六連機動砲スパイダル Retsu Geki Roku Ren Kidou Hou?)
  • European name: Six-cannon Spider

"Outer Defense System"[edit]

Area 4[edit]

"Alien Birdman"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Birdman Race Garth (鳥人間ガース Choujin Kan Gaasu?)

"Zero Blind Spot Rotating Gun"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Zero Blind Spot Rotating Gun (無死角回転砲 Mushikaku Kaiten Hou?)

"Laser Chandelier"[edit]

Area 5[edit]


  • Japanese name: Bone Structured Zero-Gravity Warship Giralal (骨塊無重力艦ギララル Koukai Mujuuryoku Kan Girararu?)
  • European name: Galerel the Fort of Bones

Area 6[edit]


  • Japanese name: Large Three-Layed Lips Bakonger (大開三重唇バコンガー Daikai San Juu Shin Bakongaa?)
  • European name: Bakonga the Three-layered Jaws

Jagger Froid[edit]

  • Japanese name: Uranian Devil Gava (天王鬼ギャバ Tennou Ki Gyaba?)
  • European name: Gaver the Emperor Devil

Area 7[edit]


  • Japanese name: Manooki (マヌーケ Manuuke?)
  • European name: Manooki

"Evil Eggron"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Wicked Ovum Eggron (妖卵エグロン Youran Eguron?)
  • European name: Evil Eggron


  • Japanese name: Boll (ボル Boru?)
  • European name: Blob

Temple of Terror[edit]

  • Japanese name: Shadow Beast Demon Statue Dethgerbis (陰獣魔神像デスゲルベス Injuu Majin Sou Desugerubesu?)
  • European name: Gerbis the Satanic Death Idol

Area 8[edit]

Red Falcon (aliens)[edit]

  • Japanese name: Ogre-headed Beast Orlean (鬼頭獣オーリアン Onigashira Juu Oorian?)
  • European name: Lizard Alien

Jagger Froid's Spit Soldier[edit]

  • Japanese name: Heavily Fossilized Beast Jameela (石化甲葉獣ジャミーラ Sekika Kou You Juu Jamiira?)
  • European name: Jameera the Fossil

"Shadow Beast Kimkoh"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Shadow Beast Kimkoh (陰獣キムコウ Injuu Kimukou?)