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Treasure Chests are hidden throughout each stage. They may be revealed by either passing a specific (but unmarked) point on the screen or using the magic associated with the crossbow. For the former, the vast majority of trigger points are reached by double jumping. It is therefore advisable to double jump around a lot when you find yourself in need of a Treasure Chest.


Once revealed, Treasure Chests may be hit with your weapons to break them open and reveal one of the following:

  • A weapon different to your current one
  • Armor
  • An evil jester who casts a spell at you—see armor section for details of spell effects
  • A steel jaw trap that kills you if you step on it

Provided you do not lose your armor, the order in which items are revealed is:

  1. Weapon
  2. Bronze Armor
  3. Gold Armor
  4. Sun Shield
  5. Weapon (if you are playing through the game after defeating Nebiroth for the first time, this weapon will be the Goddess Bracelet)
  6. Trap

Any further Treasure Chests will reveal either weapons or evil jesters.