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Level 41[edit]

Super Lode Runner level41.png

Level 42[edit]

Super Lode Runner level42.png

R U L for the easy 3000. Dig U, UR and R of th eladder to get an entombed gold. If you're very quick, you can go right back up and dig the enemy and then dig the left edge to sneak down and back up. Dig R L when by the edge so the enemy does not die. Then


Get to the bottom and enemies should fall in the pit to the right. You have a free hand, so go to the top and clear that out.

 H 1**34XH

Dig as above for the suspended gold, and now the big trick is to get the DR gold.

First, you will want everything else cleared, so you can focus. Dig the invisible block in the DR, so it is a regular block. Then bring an enemy down. Dig 2R of the stair, by the cement, and 1L1D and 1D of it. You can make room by going to the UR, digging the enemy and standing on the enemy, digging right and digging left as needed. He will follow you through the dug blocks.

Go to the single ladder and dig right when the enemy is at the top of the 3-ladder. Let him walk in and then dig right 3x and pull down so that the enemy stays in his dead end. You need to do this quickly or the chance is wasted. Repeat for the next row up--pull down below the dead end. Then dig 2 squares so the enemy can reach the 2-ladder and get stuck there.

Now dig 3-3-2 on the left and immediately go L U and fall right twice. Dig, go down, dig and get the gold below, then exit. You need exact timing here. But if you have it, you can get the gold.

The enemies in the pits are tough to take care of, but you can use the single hole to trap a couple.

 X 234
 X87a65  X < 1st time, dig 1-9

Wait at 7 and at least 1 guy will die. 2nd time, dig 2-4 then 5-6-a and run over the enemy and dig left. That should get the rest of the gold.

Level 43[edit]

Super Lode Runner level43.png

Level 44[edit]

Super Lode Runner level44.png

Level 45[edit]

Super Lode Runner level45.png