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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control Pitfall Harry. Press left or right to make him run in either direction. Press up or down to make him climb up or down ladders, or to make him swim up or down. Press down to make him crouch while standing on the ground.
  • A button: Press the A button to make Pitfall Harry jump. Press A in conjunction with left or right to make him jump forward in either direction.
  • B button: Press the B button to make Harry fire his weapon in the direction that he his currently facing, provided that he has ammunition available.


Pitfall Harry[edit]

Super Pitfall Harry.png

Harry is known throughout the world as Pitfall Harry, famous explorer and treasure hunter. He was the first to successfully claim the 21 lost treasures of an ancient civilization and make it out alive. Now not only must he locate and collect the legendary Raj Diamond, but he must also rescue his niece Rhonda and loyal but cowardly lion Quickclaw. Harry still has his notable jumping ability, but in this new adventure, Harry has also decided to equip himself with a handgun, just in case. Harry can swim through water, and survive a fall from any height, but he cannot touch any of the creatures that roam the caverns, or fall on a bed of spikes, or he will lose one life.


Super Pitfall Rhonda.png

Rhonda is Pitfall Harry's neice, and his willing sidekick whenever she can come along for the journey. Unfortunately, she has a high penchant for getting captured, and this time is no different. She is held captive in the inner sanctum of the cavern. Reaching her will be no easy task.


Super Pitfall Quickclaw.png

Quickclaw is not nearly as courageous as you would assume most lions are. In fact, he's down right cowardly. If there's ever any signs of trouble, Quickclaw flees in the opposite direction as fast as he can. Unfortunately for him, this makes him susceptible to be sepereted from the group and ultimately captured. Then it's up to Pitfall Harry to perform yet another rescue to keep his furry friend safe.


Item Name Description
Super Pitfall Gun.png Handgun This is the weapon that Pitfall Harry carries with him for protection on this mission. Finding a handgun during his journey will increase his score by 10,000 points, and add 20 bullets to his ammunition.
Super Pitfall Gold.png Gold While Harry likes to explore caverns for the thrill of finding undiscovered locations, it's not a job that pays very well. So finding gold is a great added bonus, and adds 3000 points to his score. Harry can't afford to pass any up. If you manage to collect every bar of gold in the entire game, you will earn a special congratulatory message.
Super Pitfall Spade.pngSuper Pitfall Heart.png
Super Pitfall Club.pngSuper Pitfall Diamond.png
Crystal Balls These Crystal Balls are essential to completing Harry's mission. They are hidden from sight until Harry jumps up in the right locations to reveal each one. Possession of one of these crystal balls will allow Harry to pass beyond a wall with the same symbol etched into the side. Although the display only indicates the possession of one of each sign, Harry can collect multiple copies of each symbol and store them. They are worth 1000 points each.
Super Pitfall Fuji.png Fuji Eyeball Fuji Eyeballs are hidden from sight like Crystal Balls. So Harry must jump in the air at the right location to make them show up. Collecting the Fuji Eyeball grants Pitfall Harry one extra life. They are typically positioned in difficult to reach, out of the way locations.
Super Pitfall Key.png Key Possession of the key is necessary to rescue Quickclaw. In addition to its usefulness, collecting one will also grant you 20,000 points.
Super Pitfall Raj Diamond.gif Raj Diamond The Raj Diamond is the very reason that Pitfall Harry came to this remote region of the world in the first place, before Rhonda and Quickclaw were captured. Now collecting the diamond is just one of many objectives that he has. But he will be well rewarded for doing so, as the diamond is worth a whopping 50,000 points.

Underground Items[edit]

Item Name Description
Super Pitfall Cross.png Cross Collecting a cross will earn you 10,000 points.
Super Pitfall Hiranya.png Hiranya If you find a collect the Hiranya star, you will become invisible for ten seconds, with the ability to pass harmlessly through enemies.
Super Pitfall Ruby1.pngSuper Pitfall Ruby2.png Ruby Rings There are two different styles of Ruby Rings, but finding either one will net you 20,000 bonus points.