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One of Superman's ultimate villains is the backwards Bizzaro. After Lex Luthor tried to create his own Superman, the clone mutated into a random grey-faced maniac, with good intentions, though they were misplaced. He tries to do good for the city, but sadly his actions only cause more damage!

There are several ways to play as Bizzaro. The first is to find Mr.Myxzpltxs challenges. This is easy to find, by going to the Daily Planet, and dropping into the walkway, where you will see a kitten. Walk towards it and the challenges will be unlocked. There are several Bizzaro statues. To play as Bizzaro, you have to play for two minutes and 15 seconds and you have to destroy a portion of Metropolis in that time.

Another way to play as Bizzaro is to unlock Bizzaro Rampage. This can be unlocked by doing the following:

  1. First fly high up in the sky.
  2. Pause the game.
  3. Enter this code using the D-pad: Up dpad Right dpad Down dpad Right dpad Up dpad Left dpad Down dpad Right dpad Up dpad
  4. Fly to the GNN building, a tall building with a "G" on the front, located in the heart of the city. Or fly as high as you can below the clouds, close to the Daily Planet. Either way, look for a blue glow.
  5. Fly towards it and access Bizzaro Rampage! You have unlimited play time, health, and city health!

After you access Bizzaro Rampage, save the game before playing. To exit Bizzaro Rampage, fly to the Superman statue in research park, left of the Daily Planet logo.


These can be used while playing as Superman.

  • Invincibility: Up dpad Up dpad Down dpad Down dpad Left dpad Right dpad Left dpad Right dpad Y X
  • Indestructable city: Y Right dpad Y Right dpad Up dpad Left dpad Right dpad Y

Bizzaro's powers[edit]

Strangley enough Bizzaro can't access the ultimate powers, those where you tap the Neutral dpad direction twice, but he does have the following powers:

  • Super-Heat Breath
  • Super-Ice vision
  • Super-Vacuum Breath