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Playable characters[edit]


Velvet Crowe is a daemon whose main fighting styles using her sword, her daemon left arm and her feet. Velvet had a sister named Celica, and a brother named Laphicet, both of whom were killed on a Scarlet Night. While Celica's death was unpreventable, her brother Laphicet's was due to her brother-in-law, Artorius. Her main aim to get revenge on Artorius for killing her brother.


Rokurou Rangetsu is a daemon whose main fighting style is dual wielding in Rangetsu style. Rokurou was the sixth born in his family of strict swordsmen, and follows strict training regimes and morals even after becoming a daemon. His brother, Shigure, is his main rival and he aims to kill him while also repaying a debt to Velvet.


Laphicet, formerly known as Number Two, is a malak whose vessel is Eleanor Hume, and formerly Teresa Linares. While tethered to Teresa, Laphicet had lost his free will, and was used as a tool, however, when kidnapped by Velvet, he regained it, and began to live like a normal boy. He is the reincarnation of Artorius and Celica's unborn child.


Eizen is a malak whose vessel is a coin, and formerly the Van Eltia. Eizen is blessed by the Reaper's Curse, a blessing that makes him extremely unlucky, as well as those around him. He is the first mate of the Van Aifread Pirates and aims to find his missing captain Aifread.


Magilou Mayvin, also known as Magillanica Lou Mayvin and Mazhigigika Miludin do Din Nolurun Dou, is a witch, and was the foster child of Melchior. Magilou is an extremely old witch, and was initially Melchior's apprentice, as he planned to make her his successor. However, Magilou decided to follow her own path in life, and aims to find her traitor.


Eleanor Hume is an praetor exorcist, and was initially a high-ranking member of the Abbey. However, Eleanor was tasked with a mission to return Laphicet to the Abbey, while consorting with and obeying a daemon. While she is initially very set on this task, Eleanor realises that the Abbey's idea of reason is not one that she agrees with, and so decides to stay with Velvet.



Artorius Collbrande, also known as Arthur, is a legate exorcist. His partner, Celica, and unborn child were killed on a Scarlet Night, and reborn as Seres and Laphicet, respectively. After losing his family, he decided that he wanted to free the world of malevolence to stop daemons from being born. However, this would strip everyone of their emotions and free will.


Melchior Mayvin is a legate exorcist. He is extremely old and has developed and learned many artes.


Shigure Rangetsu is a legate exorcist. He is the first born in the Rangetsu family and and is the head of his family. He wields Stormquell.


Teresa Linares is an exorcist praetor, and the half-sister of Oscar. She dotes on him constantly, and does everything in her power to protect him, even if it means her death.


Oscar Dragonia is an exorcist praetor, and the half-brother of Teresa. He is the only member of his family who recognized Teresa as a member of their family, and so they grew extremely close.


  • Aifread
  • Benwick
  • Bienfu
  • Celica
  • Dyle
  • Grimoirh
  • Innominat
  • Kamoana
  • Kurogane
  • Laphicet (Velvet's brother)
  • Medissa
  • Morgrim
  • Niko
  • Orthie
  • Percival
  • Russ
  • Seres
  • Tabatha
  • Zaveid