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Walkthrough format[edit]

Going through the guide I noticed that all the walkthrough pages were laid out differently (this happens a lot with multiple editors). So in order to bring a more cohesive look to the walkthrough, I instituted a format I had seen on a number of pages that I think looks pretty good. It basically splits the page up into three parts:

  1. Objectives: "Mission Objectives" and "Bonus Objectives", both bolded and starting unordered lists with their respective objectives below in a sub-ordered list. This section has no title heading and uses {{floatingtoc}} if a ToC is generated.
  2. Key Strategies: A section called "Key Strategies" with a first-level heading. The main, overview type points go here, as well as YouTube videos (not that important, just happened to be where it ended up). This section should be optional if the mission is really short and/or easy.
  3. Walkthrough: This section is obviously where the walkthrough goes. There's no real consistency as far as the pages go, but in general the main walkthrough and any alternative strategies should have first-level headings noting them as such. I think it's a good idea to split this section up with second-level headings so it doesn't just look like a big wall of text.

I've reorganized all the pages that have this information and added starter sections on the pages that don't with {{stub}} tags. If anyone wants to make a change to the layout, either discuss it here, or make sure you change all the pages so they look the same. - najzere 09:56, 1 December 2008 (UTC)