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Google Platinum Ads[edit]

well well... I hate it, don't you? PP sale ads on the strat wiki... annoys me so much, I'm not sure if I will continue to contribute here really... :-( well, there was a dicussion about on the community page ( ), but nobody except from Echelon ( ) replied... I will check with him and see, what can be done... in the meantime, if you have any ideas, feel free to share! --Kajolus 04:28, 14 February 2007 (CST)

Echolon mentioned, that he has ways of blocking those sites. so, we went ahead and started a wiki site where one can list those "bad" sites ( ). feel free to help with maintaining the site!--Kajolus 09:10, 5 March 2007 (CST)

EQMAC vs EQPC[edit]

I know there are many differences, and please note that of the guides I am writing, I have expertise only of the Mac version of the game, which has the expansion packs up to PoP ONLY. No LoDN, no DoDH, or whatever fancy new fangled packs you guys have. Also, MAC only goes up to level 65. I need desperate help with the Druid guide, as there might be places to hunt that I'm not aware of. I'm doing the standard gfay fob kurn pc route, but are there any alterations at all I need to mention?

Also, if you play a druid, please help me out.GofG 16:29, 11 May 2006 (PDT)

Different class sections[edit]

I have begun writing a walkthrough for the Druid, and I, being a novice at WikiBooks, was wondering if it would be right to put it at /druid, or more like at /druid/walkthrough. It's at /druid right now, because having a subcategory wtih more information than the main category sounds silly to me. After I am done with the Druidic walkthrough, I'm going to begin writing others. 22:22, 17 April 2006 (UTC) | GofG (WP)

  • hello GofG, firstly, I think where you put it now is just right for the time being. Don't forget, we can always rename it if needs be. I wouldn't really call it walkthrough though, as there are per se no EQ walkthroughs. There are guides, but a walkthrough (like i.e. for Baldurs Gate) is nothing what you can really writeup I think :). Thanks again for your help here! --Kajolus 14:37, 18 April 2006 (UTC)
Right. I think maybe the discussion of the guide should move to it's page, though. When I'm done with the Druid, I'm gonna work on the other classes I've played through. Note though that I've only played the Druid to level 51, and I'm playing on the mac server Al' Kabor, which has the expansions up to the Planes of Power, so I'm probably missing a ton of information. Regardless, I think that all the class sections could use a rewrite. I chose the Druid one to do first because it seemed to be the worst... Please see the talk page on Druid. GofG T 01:55, 19 April 2006 (UTC)

-- Hey guys, I added a few external links to the Paladin page and plan to create a creation guide, walkthrough - whatyamaclallit section for paladins much like GofG has going there for druids. Just as soon as I figure out how everything works here. Netos 05:26, 28 April 2006 (UTC)

  • cheers mate. The most important thing is: use the show preview button as often as possible. that at least helped me a lot. I also added a guide to the "ethereal cleansing" quest under the "uncommon spells/tomes section" for the paladin. --Kajolus 09:27, 28 April 2006 (UTC)


Spells: I think having a spells page would not work. with the constant changes/additions etc. I think we are better off referring to lucy. or?--Kajolus 12:40, July 18, 2005 (UTC)

  • It's up to you. A page doesn't yet actually exist. It's just a redlink at the moment. Uncle G 11:04:24, 2005-08-02 (UTC)
  • added a site uncommon spells/tomes/dics - more general approach, so melee's/hybrids are not left out. the site shall contain only spells/tomes/discs, which need to be quested/researched or drop of mobs only. else we will not be able to maintain it. --Kajolus 10:57, September 8, 2005 (UTC)

also, I think we should make a "tactics" section, class specific and general?--Kajolus 08:48, August 2, 2005 (UTC)

  • I defer to your expertise. Go for it. Be bold. Uncle G 11:04:24, 2005-08-02 (UTC)

Zones & Continents: How about rolling this into one section "Continents"? Congin 16:01:39, 2005-08-19 (UTC)

  • done :) --Kajolus 10:57, September 8, 2005 (UTC)

I'll work on the class pages eventually, but I have a paper to write this weekend. also, although the 'general raiding advice' section has a great piece by apostate, it's not really 'general raiding advice,' imo. it's pretty detailed, and although it has a lot of great points (-especially- for a raid leader,) a general raiding advice section could really use.. well.. a lighter piece. czaemon

  • Czae, thanks for helping out. Please do not forget, that (a) I am not an native english speaker, (b) I don't mind edits at all and (c) your expertise is badly needed here. and don't worry about not having much time. I guess we have all the time we need ;) --Kajolus 11:50, September 12, 2005 (UTC)

Still just swamped with stuff, so I haven't gotten around to any edits ~ Czae

Promoting EQ wikibooks[edit]

please, can you all promote this book here, so we get more people contributing? thanking you :) /bow --Kajolus 11:23, September 8, 2005 (UTC)

how to proceed with the book?[edit]

I guess starting off with various subsections is one way (like we're currently doing). what we also could do though, is to step back and try to find out, how we want to proceed. I mean questions like (not an exhaustive list)

  • how to structure the book
  • where can we create/use templates?
  • overlap with wikipedia

need to be adressed as well. or?--Kajolus 07:52, September 12, 2005 (UTC)

Additions - general[edit]

topics you think we should be working on too

Transwikification to Strategy WIKI[edit]

looks like the transition from wikibooks went smooth (granted, some pics didn't come across yet, but we'll get that sorted some stage). what surprised me though was, that I wasn't aware of the change (did I miss something here?). was there an announcement? I always though that things like that should at least be announced on the discussion page i.e. (no vote necessary really from my PoV, but not even an annnouncement?). also, what I hate now is, to get all those pages watched again, which is a pita somehow...but hey..:-( --Kajolus 05:07, 11 May 2006 (PDT)

reposted it at --Kajolus 05:54, 11 May 2006 (PDT)
Well, I can make it here sometimes. I see that none of my edits made it. Tendiin 16:14, 11 May 2006 (PDT)
I've imported your edits now. The problem is that the database dumps are done at fixed intervals, and anything newer has to wait until the next dump is made. GarrettTalk 16:52, 12 May 2006 (PDT)
Thank you Garrett! :) --Kajolus 00:38, 23 May 2006 (PDT)

EverQuest category[edit]

I think all the sub-pages of EverQuest should have the Category:EverQuest tag removed. There's a link to all the parent pages at the top of the page, and it's against the standard to categorise sub-pages. --DrBob 13:08, 27 May 2006 (PDT)

Never mind. I've done it already. --DrBob 05:56, 28 May 2006 (PDT)