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Original Source[edit]

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- updated 04/21/05 4:00 PM (cst)

                    Final Fantasy Origins FAQ/Walkthrough
                            For the Playstation
                                Version 1.6
                           Written by Pseudonym

Version 1.6: March 25th, 2005 - A small update. Fixed a few things and completed some more maps.

This document is licensed for public use according to the GNU Free Documentation License. Copyright 2005 Tim Courchene aka Pseudonym.


  • Squaresoft for making this game as well as many others.
  • My brother for his help with my "work in progress" Final Fantasy 2 section.
  • Demi (of NeoDemiForce) for his unofficial Final Fantasy 2 translation.
  • Guitarfreak for trying to make some ASCII art for me. Thanks!
  • Kadamony for his insight on the GNU FDL and for the Copyright Notice.
  • Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Coke for helping me stay awake while I'm writing.