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Original author/revision history[edit]

               KINGDOM HEARTS
Hiya there everyone. Anyone who is reading this is obviously a beginner or 
someone who doesn't play video games very often. Even on expert mode it's not 
that hard (except for Sephiroth, Xemnas and Xaldin). This walkthrough is not 
thoroughly detailed, and does not bother to go into synthesizing, extremely 
extensive treasure chest hunting, and does not go through every nook and 
cranny of the game (For instance, it does not specify how to get the secret 
ending on normal mode). That being said, it is made for beginners and somewhat 
unskilled gamers. It is intended to help them enjoy the game fully and to help 
them out of tight spots. This walkthrough includes an FAQ, a guide on how to 
build a great gummi ship (Which has not been done before) and exclusive 
insight into KH2, probing its strengths (Timeless River) and weaknesses (100 
Acre Wood). Using this walkthrough, players on beginner or normal mode should 
be able to beat the game with ease. For beginners, I'd pick normal mode except 
if you're really bent on getting the secret ending (which you could just get 
on Youtube anyday).

Rules of Use: This is a completely free walkthrough. Feel free to copy it 
down, print it out, send it to friends and to other sites. There are no 
restrictions to whatever you want to do with this. Please give me your 
comments and questions via e-mail at Thank you for 
reading, and good luck on the next one!

P.S: Please check out my FMVs at, my profile is herr.kase. I've 
made Kingdom Hearts videos for: Pink Floyd's: "Eclipse". Guns N' 
Roses': "Welcome to the Jungle". And Trans Siberian 
Orchestra/Mettalica's: "Christmas Eve". Also, if you're wondering how really 
good players do it, or looking to make an FMV, is the place to go. 
Thanks again!

P.P.S: Sorry about this bizzare thing IGN did to the walkthrough, it's not 
really supposed to look like this. ;)