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Original guide author/revision info[edit]

WWF Royal Rumble - Sega Genesis Version - TM Acclaim 1993
FAQ Revision 1.01b [6/6/99]
Donovan Keith -
i. Legal-sounding stuff:
This FAQ was compiled from the manual that came with the game and a few hours of 
personal trial and error. As such, I claim no copyright or other legally binding 
ownership to this document, and present it freely to the public domain to be 
used as you wish. This document may be reprinted, transmitted, photocopied, 
folded, spindled, and/or mutilated as you see fit. I do ask you to at least 
credit me if you use it as-is on your website. If you have any comments, 
additions, corrections or other games you'd like me to write up, please feel 
free to drop me a line at the above email addy.

ii. Revision History
Version 1.01a [3/12/99]
The only version. Still missing info on how to switch between partners in a 3-
on-3 tag match, and the victory screen for the Tag Team Championship...

Version 1.01b [6/6/99]
Extra spanky thanx to Steve-Steve Binks <> for the missing 
info described above, plus the fact that the tag titles can be decided in two-
player mode!