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Original author/revision info[edit]

WWF Warzone - PSX Version - TM Acclaim Sports 1998
FAQ/Movelists Version 1.10a [7/6/99]
Donovan Keith -
i. Legal-sounding stuff:
This FAQ was compiled from numerous sources, including but not limited to the 
in-game movelists, various gaming magazines, and hours of personal trial and 
error. As such, I claim no copyright or other legally binding ownership to this 
document, and present it freely to the public domain to be used as you wish. 
This document may be reprinted, transmitted, photocopied, folded, spindled, 
and/or mutilated as you see fit. I do ask you to at least credit me if you use 
it on your website. I have tried to be as complete and detailed as possible, so 
as to differentiate my own FAQ from the others out there, which are usually just 
move lists. If you have any comments, additions, corrections or other games 
you'd like me to write up, please feel free to drop me a line at the above email 

ii. Revision History
12/98   Version 1.01a
OK, this is the first posted version. Still missing a few intros and quotes, 
especially for female created wrestlers. Miscellaneous section will be added to 
as soon as I can find more info. I'll probably include a full section for the 
announcer's dialogue, but that'll take some time. Game basics section has yet to 
be added, I'll only add it when it's finished and playtested. Also, I still need 
to finish reformatting the character move lists from alphabetical (as they 
appear in the game) to ordered by button (see Shawn Michaels' list).

1/99    Version 1.02a
Not posted. Minor corrections: added Rock's outfits (oops!), and corrected info 
on Sue's outfits. More quotes and intros added, still missing an odd one here 
and there. Still need confirmation of mathematics for Fastest Win score in High 
Scores section. Reformatted most move lists. Added new info concerning 'Player 
on Apron, Opponent on Floor' moves to move lists and Common section. Large 
section of Game Basics added, more to come.

7/99    Version 1.10a
HUGE update! Added large amount of game basics info, reformatted a great number 
of sections (still haven't reworked those @#%$@ move lists tho), and removed all 
announcer's information to a separate FAQ. I also generally improved the overall 
readabilty of this FAQ. This was the first one I ever wrote, and boy did it 
show! Still have a few things to add here and there, mostly Quotes and some 
basic info, but with Attitude coming out soon and my new job, there's no telling 
when I'll get to it...

iii. Credits
This FAQ is based in part on information contained in the FAQ written by, available at The most current
version of my FAQ will always be available at gamefaqs or you can request
it by e-mail and I'll send it when I can.
*Special thanx to for a Cheesemeister move I missed and info 
regarding the Fastest Win in the High Score section.