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This template inserts the stars showing growth level for materia in Final Fantasy VII.

{{Final Fantasy VII/Stars|Color|Color|Color|Color|Color}}

Every materia has at least one growth level, so something should go in the first parameter. For the other ones, add extra parameters for each growth level, up to five. To show the empty star, use the word "Empty".

  • Summon: {{Final Fantasy VII/Stars|Red|Red|Empty|Empty|Empty}}RedStar.pngRedStar.pngEmptyStar.pngEmptyStar.pngEmptyStar.png
  • Support: {{Final Fantasy VII/Stars|Blue|Blue|Empty}}BlueStar.pngBlueStar.pngEmptyStar.png
  • Independent: {{Final Fantasy VII/Stars|Purple}}PurpleStar.png
  • Command: {{Final Fantasy VII/Stars|Yellow}}YellowStar.png
  • Magic: {{Final Fantasy VII/Stars|Green|Green|Green|Green|Green}}GreenStar.pngGreenStar.pngGreenStar.pngGreenStar.pngGreenStar.png