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A template for making Guilty Gear specific button images. You could use {{plus}}, {{(}}, and {{)}} with this as well.


All images are in Camelcase, naming like GG-Button-Kick.png. All images are included in Category:Guilty Gear specific buttons.

Simplified usages:

  • GG-Button-Punch.png - {{GGButton|Punch}}
  • GG-Button-Kick.png - {{GGButton|Kick}}
  • GG-Button-Slash.png - {{GGButton|Slash}}
  • GG-Button-Heavy Slash.png - {{GGButton|Heavy Slash}}
  • GG-Button-Dust.png - {{GGButton|Dust}}
  • GG-Button-Respect.png - {{GGButton|Respect}}