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This page has been transcluded from Template:Series Nav/Documentation.

A template for navigation around the games in a series, designed to be inherited by series-specific templates. Please note that the list of games supplied to the games parameter should be surrounded by paragraph tags, and be {{dot}}-separated, as in the example below. In this manner, multiple "threads" or canons of a series can be catered for by putting each in a separate paragraph. For an example of this, please see the {{Final Fantasy}} template.

The parent parameter is for the name of the parent series, and the subseries parameter is for a list of links to subseries (don't put them in paragraph tags). The parent2 parameter is for crossover series, such as Mario & Sonic.


{{Series Nav
|name=Mario RPG
|games=<p>[[Paper Mario]]{{dot}}[[Super Paper Mario]]{{dot}}[[Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door]]</p>
|subseries=[[:Category:Paper Mario|]], [[:Category:Fictional subseries|]]