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class="table-yes2" | Yes This page has been transcluded from Template:Yes2/Documentation.

{{no}} {{no2}}
No No
{{yes}} {{yes2}}
Yes Yes
{{free}} {{nonfree}}
Free $ ?
{{n/a}} {{partial}}
N/A Partial
{{unknown}} {{spoilercell}}

These templates are used to add standard formatting to table cells. All templates accept one parameter: the contents of the cell. Default values are shown in the table to the right.


These templates rely on the style and class attributes of the table cell and add a pipe (|) at the end to close off the cell attributes area. Cell attributes go in the following places:

Single line
| normal cell ||cell attributes| modified cell
Multiple lines
| normal cell
|cell attributes| modified cell

If you are not already using the cell parameters, simply insert the template as you would normal content:

| normal cell || {{no}}

If you are modifying the cell contents, i.e. with colspan, rowspan, width, etc., then do not add the closing pipe between your attributes and the cell content:

| normal cell || colspan="2" {{no}}