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The YF-152 'Kokobetsu' will do a quick bombing run on the ground targets before returning to engage. Its first form will spread four beams in different directions, and alternate with a small attack with only a few bullets.

When the lasers are destroyed, the bomber will extend its wings, and prepare its weaponry.

The bomber will then alternate between two attacks. The first fires a large quantity of bullets from its winds, with a central turret aiming directly at your vessel. The second attack fires a large quantity of missiles form its wings, straight downward, with the central turret firing a fan of shots.. If you managed to destroy the missile launchers, it will shoot the fan of bullets more frequently, and follow it up with a long series of bullets.

On normal difficulty, there should be between 2-4 shots per fan when it fires its missiles. If the arcade operator increased the difficulty, you may see a wave of 6 or 7 shots.