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Main level[edit]

File:TFPA Level 1 map.png
Map of the first level

The first level is straight forward. To reach the end of the level, run to the right, jump up the spring board, and run right over the mountain. When you jump into the air from that mountain, be sure to roll to destroy the three spiders that are approaching.

Continue running right along the floor, and keep running even when it loops into the ceiling. Jump up the platforms on the right to reach the exit in the blue area.


The first trophy is available if you jump on the first spring board, and jump onto the platform to the left. Dive down the left to the black-walled area and enter the door. When you hit the ground, head left, jumping onto the next platform. Use the springboard to get the first trophy.


Near the exit, you can head left and jump into what appears to be a cardboard box. When you hit the bottom, you can pickup the walljump.

The inevitable death of ink will slowly rise once you obtained the wall jump. To keep it, quickly head back up; the critical locations to jump onto the wall are marked with arrows next to them.


To reach the door at the end of this level, head to the right and jump onto the first right moving platform. As it retracts, jump onto the second one, and use that to reach the third. Jump onto the spring board to reach the exit.